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LoVo History

Did You Know that LoVo Systems, Inc. will be 10 years old April 2016? After starting with one small home customer, we now have over 60 happy customers. Our customers range from a local doctor around the corner to a $160B market cap International organization. We do everything from running a couple of cables to 100+ camera and door installations. Our strategy as a company is to train our staff and focus on safety and quality. With a licensed RCDD on staff, a Professional Engineer, licensed electricians, Panduit Certified Techs, Fiber Certified Techs and a member of the Association of General Contractor, you can rest assured that not only do we have the credentials and insurance to do the work, we will design the best system to meet your needs and budget, and most importantly, stand behind our work. LoVo is growing and we want you to grow with us.

In 2011 LoVo generated 93.8% of our revenue from REPEAT customers. We believe that this statistic validates our commitment to excellent customer service.